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A price

We're human. We make mistakes. We reason and justify actions that we later regret. We define our own "good", live by it, and can still do harm to ourselves and others. We fall short of perfection. A decision was made long ago that brought about this struggle.

Unfortunate situations and circumstances befall us and loved ones. We endure and witness tragedy and suffering. How could anyone stand by and let these things be? How can love flow from someone or something that allows misery? Again, a decision was made long ago that brought these things into the world.

Our burdens are the result of sin. Sin entered the world because of man. Sin will separate, blind, enslave, corrupt, destroy, and bring death. Sin separates us from God. God wants a relationship with us, but something has to be done about our sin. We cannot bear the judgment of our sins. We do not have the worth to pay that price.

A sacrifice

Someone had to take our place and do what we cannot. Someone had to pay the penalty of our sins and provide a way for us to be restored to God. We were given a sacrifice worthy enough to bear all of our sins. God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to be that perfect sacrifice. His willingly shed blood has the power to cover our sins eternally. When you accept and believe in your heart that Jesus is your savior, God sees the righteousness of His Son and not the depravity of our sins.

There's no one better than another; we're all sinners. Jesus came to love, not to condemn. Jesus gave His life for all and will save all who believe in Him when judgment comes. There is no greater love. There is no greater gift than the red love that gives hope to us all.

Jesus = love

“ We love Him because
He first loved us. ”
1 John 4:19


…appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away

There are so many great Christian resources (e.g. GotQuestions.org, GodIsReal.today, and Our Daily Bread) that should be supported and encouraged! Questions are a good thing. If you have faith-based questions, please seek out these types of resources or make an appointment with a pastor of a local Bible-believing church.

RedLove is a production collective that hopes to shine light in a world of darkness, point others to hope when all seems lost, and take part in the joy and honor of sharing Jesus Christ with others.